CheckMate™ for SCAG® V Ride™ II

CheckMate™ for SCAG® V Ride™ II

Product Code: scgvrii-sto42

Big League Lawns© manufactures striping rollers that connect to the full line of SCAG® Stand On mowers. As the operator mows the turf, the CheckMate™ striping roller gently folds the grass in the direction of cut. The resulting patterns are created by sunlight reflecting from the grass. Grass that is bent away from you reflects light which appears much lighter in color. Grass that is bent towards you appears a much deeper green due to shadows being cast under the bent tips of grass. When mowed and rolled in opposing directions, vibrant patterns are created, rivaling major league ballparks throughout America.

Note: Lawn Striping Kit Only / Mower Sold By Your Local Retailer

Suggested Size [Deck Width Minus Six Inches]

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