Athletic Fields

Every Athletic Field Has a Story... What's Yours?

You could just paint the necessary lines; however, your team, school and community deserve much more. With thousands of athletic events taking place on fields each year, schools throughout America continue to bolster their pride and commitment throughout their athletic facilities. How do they do it? With a team of dedicated individuals, turf paint and high quality turf striping rollers. Exceptional fields don't just happen - they're the result of inspirational work reflected throughout your school community.

Big League Lawns© manufactures athletic field striping rollers that connect to virtually any mower on the market. As the operator mows the sports turf, the CheckMate™ striping roller gently folds the grass in the direction of cut. The resulting athletic field patterns are created by sunlight reflecting from the turf. Grass that is bent away from you reflects light which appears much lighter in color. Grass that is bent towards you appears a much deeper green due to shadows being cast under the bent tips of grass. When mowed and rolled in opposing directions, vibrant patterns are created, rivaling major league ballparks throughout America.

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