How the CheckMate Striping Kit Works

As the operator mows the turf, the CheckMate™ striping roller gently folds the grass in the direction of cut. The resulting patterns are created by sunlight reflecting from the grass. Grass that is bent away from you reflects light which appears much lighter in color. Grass that is bent towards you appears a much deeper green due to shadows being cast under the bent tips of grass. When mowed and rolled in opposing directions, vibrant patterns are created, rivaling major league ballparks throughout America.

Durable and Intuitive Design

The CheckMate™ striping system is built from heavy duty steel construction and extremely durable rubber components. Throw in chemically treated non-greasable bushings and you’ve got a striping system that will provide you with years of professional grade performance with little to no maintenance.

Significant and consistant weight provided by injection molded rubber casters. The striping kit will float freely up and down over the contours your lawn. The roller will bend the bend the grass in the direction of cut; creating shadows from sunlight.

Create Beautiful Patterns

Checkerboard Pattern

Diamond Pattern

Wave Pattern

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