CheckMate Lawn Stripin Kit On EGO Mower
#1 Lawn Striping Roller of 2023

The CheckMate™
Lawn Striping Kit

Crafted to fit your mower. The Checkmate Striping Kit is designed to match your mower's specifications, ensuring a proper fit and seamless performance.
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House on hill with striped front yard
Stripes Perfected, Effortlessly

Transform your lawn into a visual masterpiece with the CheckMate™ Striping Kit. Effortlessly create stunning, professional-grade stripes that add depth and dimension to your yard.

Backyard with long striped yard
Picture-Perfect Lawn Stripes

Make a lasting impression with flawless, eye-catching stripes. The CheckMate™ Striping Kit ensures that your lawn stands out, leaving your neighbors and guests in awe of your pristine landscape.

House with front yard striped
Enhance Your Business Image

Elevate your commercial lawn care business to new heights with the Big League Lawns CheckMate™ striping kit as your ultimate tool for success. In the competitive world of commercial landscaping, making a lasting impression is paramount. The CheckMate™ striping kit empowers your team to deliver unparalleled precision and artistry to every lawn.

Brown house with beautiful striped front yard
Perfect for Homeowners

Tailored for the aspirations of residential homeowners, the Big League Lawns CheckMate™ striping kit offers an unparalleled solution for crafting magazine-worthy lawns. Designed with the needs of homeowners in mind.

Close up of mower with striping kit
Mower Compatibility

Whether you have a traditional gas-powered mower, a high-end zero-turn model, or even a newer electric option, the CheckMate™ striping kit seamlessly attaches to nearly any mower. This versatility in design ensures that no matter the type of mower you own, you can effortlessly enhance your lawn's aesthetics with crisp and professional-grade stripes.

Wavy stripes on front yard
Your Mower's Paint Brush

Imagine transforming your ordinary lawn mower into a paintbrush for your lawn, creating captivating works of art with every pass. The Big League Lawns CheckMate™ striping kit makes this vision a reality.

Backyard with gazebo with lawn stripes
Spend Less. Get More. A cost-effective solution that surpasses other name brands in quality. Crafted from premium materials, our striping kit offers unbeatable durability and professional-grade performance, all at a fraction of the cost, making it the preffered choice for achieving immaculate lawn stripes without breaking the bank.

Here's what our customers are saying.

  • I‘ve had my kit now for a year and I’m so happy with the results I’ve gotten out of it. If you have grass that can be striped, this thing will get the job done. Kit took 5 minutes for me to install and it’s easy to take off and put back on! Worth every penny!

    Residential Customer

    Corey W.

  • I bought a real nice John Deere zero turn 950m and was pretty disappointed it didn’t stripe yards for the amount of money I spent on it. But BIG LEAGUE LAWNS turned it into a striping machine! I couldn’t be happier mowing yards!

    Commercial Customer

    Hunter L.

  • From a website that matched the checkmate roller to my specific mower to a video explaining how to mount the unit. Ordering was easy and it arrived in 3 days. I found the printed directions the same as the video. It took about twenty minutes to install.

    Residential Customer

    Bob R.

Frequently Asked Questions

What height should I cut at for optimal results?

Big League Lawns reccomends cutting between 3-4 inches. The longer the blades of grass, the more sunlight is able to reflect, producing more defined results.

Can the CheckMate Striping Kit go over sidewalks and driveways?
Can the CheckMate Striping Kit traverse uneven terrain or hills?
Do we offer any sort of transport position while not in use?
Is it possible to tear up the turf when turning and backing up?
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Upgrade your lawn with the CheckMate™ Striping Kit today and transform your landscape into a professionally striped masterpiece. Shop Now
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