Irrigreen IG2 Controller

Irrigreen IG2 Controller

Product Code: irrigreen-ig2-controller

The Irrigreen Smart Controller serves as the central hub for controlling all Irrigreen sprinklers, seamlessly integrating with the Irrigreen app. It utilizes cloud-based communication to deliver real-time weather information and software updates directly to your lawn.

The Basic controller is recommended for most users. It can operate up to 16 Irrigreen heads (zones) and 12 traditional zones.

The Pro controller is recommended for very large lawn areas, such as those belonging to parks or apartment complexes, or for users with lots of paths, trees, or other obstacles that can block the stream of a single head. The Pro controller can operate up to 32 Irrigreen heads (zones) and 24 traditional zones.

Pricing for each controller includes 3 years of weather data.

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An effortless digital ecosystem powered by weather data.
Make the right choice right for your lawn. Irrigreen 2.0 - Irrigreen XP
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